Ground Operations

Deputy Chief Jeff Hawkins
Mail: P.O. Box 460, Branson, Mo 65615
Physical: 106 Industrial Park Dr. Hollister, MO 65672
Phone: (417) 334-6586
Fax: (417) 337-5519
Email: [email protected]
Normal business hours: 8:00AM-4:30PM M-F (CST)

TCAD’s ground operation in overseen by Deputy Chief Jeff Hawkins. Ground operations consist of up to six paramedic level transporting ambulances and up to four paramedic level non-transporting fly-cars. TCAD has 20 paramedics and 20 EMTs who staff our ambulances 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We also have four paramedic shift captains who oversee the day to day operation ensuring no interruptions in service. Our ambulances are deployed at multiple permanent stations around the county
We have 6 Stations strategically placed through-out the county:
Post 1 = 106 Industrial Park Dr., Hollister (map)
Post 2 = 303 Cedar St., Branson (map)
Post 3 = 15030 US Hwy. 160, Forsyth (map)
Post 4 = 576 Hwy. 248, Branson (map) (not visible from the road)
Post 5 = 245 Alex Rd. Kissee Mills (map)
Post 6 = 3020 Goldfinch Rd. Merriam Woods (map) (Not visible from the road)
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