Meet TCAD's Board

TCAD has a six member board who are elected by the citizens of their respective district. Each member serves a 3 year term attending monthly board meetings and occasional celebrations throughout the year. Two board members’ terms expire every April. If you are interested in serving on the ambulance district board please contact Chief Coontz at [email protected].
The Board meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 P.M. in TCAD's main education room located at 106 Industrial Park Dr. Hollister, Missouri. Parking is on the South side of the building (inside the fence) entering the door just to the right of the yellow bollards. For exact dates and times of future meetings please click here.

John Winkert

Chairman | Dist. 1

Sheryl Haile

Dist. 3

David Rozell

Dist. 4

Chris Larsen

Dist. 5

Brooke Kramer

Dist. 6
TCAD Enabling Ordinance (revised and approved 4/17/2012)
Board Meeting Minutes