2017 Taney County Emergency Treatment Protocols 



The Clinical Department exists to ensure that TCAD provides the highest standards of medical care for our patients. Those standards are measured through continuous quality improvement processes and provide direction to our Clinical Services Team. TCAD's Medical Director oversees the Clinical Services Team and monitor the care provided by Emergency Medical Providers in our system. TCAD's Clinical Services Major works directly with the Medical Director to coordinate the care our EMT's, Paramedics, and First Responders deliver within our system. Additionally, he works to affect improvements in the quality of care and clinical outcomes through research, development, and implementation of quality improvement initiatives.

 crew with patient

Primary Accountabilities                                                        

  1. Achieve clinical results through progressive mentorship and leadership
  2. Continuous training & development of the EMS providers in our system
  3. Relationship development with providers and community stakeholders
  4. Standards and compliance with guidelines, protocols, and regulations
  5. Supervision that fosters a high performing team of professionals


Each month the Clinical Services Team gathers to review our performance and make recommendations for improvement. Our goal is to rely on peer reviewed research and progressive EMS initiatives to drive our patient care practices. TCAD is committed to providing the highest level of care our resources allow. As a team, we measure core metrics identified in the medical community as necessary for a quality high functioning program. Because of the commitment of our staff, TCAD is able to provide its community with a safe and effective emergency medical service.

                                                                            trauma scene

TCAD's Clinical Department is proud to serve this community and strives to improve at everything we do. Your health and safety are important to us, so as an emergency medical service, we will work to ensure your needs are met with compassionate, competent, and professional care. 

If you have questions about the Clinical Department, please contact Major Matthew Aumiller at 417-334-6586.