Special Operations Department is responsible for the management and control of all response resources for the district with the exception of the ambulances. This also includes technical training associated with the equipment and ambulance response.

Special Operations provides many different options for medical support and response resources. This includes resources such as:



Two Mass Casualty Trailers - One trailer is located at the Branson Airport which is set-up for the treatment of up to 75 patients. A second trailer is kept on the east side of the county in the Kissee Mills area. This trailer is set-up for the treatment of up to 25 patients. Both trailers allowing enough equipment and supplies for potentially 100 patients of a large scale incident. Thanks to Branson Airport for funding MCI Trailer #1.





Rapid Response Trailer – This trailer is built to respond to large scale incidents or disaster. It deploys quickly and can expand with a trailer boot to a 15' X 18' Base-X tent for a quick patient care area. It will support a 4 bed treatment area with supportive medical supplies and equipment. It is environmentally controlled and powered by a generator. Funded by grant.

WMD/Hazmat Trailer – This is a support trailer for the Taney County/Branson Homeland Security Regional Response Team. It would respond for a hazardous materials incident providing medical treatment ability and rehabilitation of team members. The trailer is also used to support local fire departments for personnel rehabilitation on large events or incidents. Funded by grant.


ATV Kubotas – These are transport resources used for Hazmat events and incidents where an ambulance can't make access due to terrain, such as Search & Rescue. Funded by grant.







Mobil Medical Hospital (MMU)


MMU Mission: The Mobile Medical Unit is a modular, scalable rapid response medical package that can be used to support any hospital in the State of Missouri that has been disabled or destroyed by natural disaster or fire or in need of expanded resource for surge capacity. The package contains 4 unique and distinct building blocks: MMU Basic, MMU +10, MMU +30 and MMU +60.

Overview: The MMU was purchased by Taney County Ambulance District through a grant provided by Missouri Health and Senior Services and Homeland Security. Based in Branson, Missouri the MMU could be deployed to support any hospital within the State of Missouri that has been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster or fire.

Concept: To deploy, set-up using Missouri 1 DMAT resources and staff until a transition can be made to local hospital staff and resources. This allows hospital staff to maintain their jobs in their own community, serving the people of that area.

Location: The MMU is located in Hollister, MO in a warehouse leased by MO1 DMAT. The facility is in close proximity to Taney County Ambulance District offices. This allows TCAD personnel quick access for equipment maintenance and medical supply rehab.






Special Operations also supports the district with:

  • Creating Incident Action Plans for large scale events

  • Monitoring and providing oversight on the Public Access Defibrillation program

  • Hazmat Response Procedures and Protocols

  • Maintaining and Monitoring Related Response Plans

  • Respiratory Protection Plan

  • Technical Rescue Training

For information contact Special Operations @ 417-334-6586/Ext 135 or 417-335-0595